Simple Simmons are ready to eat when they are still firm and great to eat when they are crunchy like an apple. They are great cut in cubes to use in green salads or as a hot or cold cereal topper. Match them up with your favorite fall/winter items such as almonds and raisins or use like apples or pears in your favorite recipes.



No need to peel. Just cut into 1/4 inch slices for a wonderful healthy snack. Enjoy the sweet, nutty, spice flavor of the fuyu persimmon anytime.

We believe quality fruit begins
in the hands of the grower

As growers we take great pride in the quality of fruit we produce. This is not just a business but a way of life. Our care for the crops is deeply rooted in our trees, vines and history. Some of our soil has been farmed by us for three generations and sustainability and resource stewardship drive our growing decisions. You can be assured that every piece of fruit or bunch of grapes has been meticulously cultivated to meet your highest expectations. Click here to learn more about our family farming operation.